Is there some kind of tool or software i can use to lower the file size of lots of images in one go?

I was wondering if there was some way to lower the file size of lots of photos in one go, without needing to do each one individually, which would be time consuming.

I tried looking for some way to do this in photoshop CS4, but i cant find a way to do it…

Is there a way to do it in photoshop? if not, is there a program i can use?

Thank you for your time x

I don’t use PhotoShop, but Microsoft Image Resizer will do batch processing. It’s freeware, just google for it.


another tool for this purpose is IrfanViewwhich is free for personal use.


alright cheers! x

Just beware that JPEG is a lossy format and if you shrink filesize, you are permanently throwing picture detail out. Obviously if you re-size the images to make smaller files you’re tossing away detail too…