Is there software needed to use firewire? (Liteon HD-A740GX)

[qanda]This question is published in the hardware section for the Liteon HD-A740GX. Click here to view full specs.[/qanda]i’m trying to get the file from the HDD transferred to the PC via the firewire but my pc is not picking up that it’s connected…it picks up the camera when i plug that in

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you may read the manual in order to see, if transfer to computers is supported, and if additional software is required in that case.

Since the unit is not automagically recognised, I guess its Firewire interface is designed to only support recording from devices like cameras etc.


The firewire (i.LINK) port on Lite-On set-top DVD+HDD recorders only works for streaming video from a firewire video source (e.g. DV camcorder) to the DVD recorder. Unfortunately, it will not stream out video or provide access to the DVD recorder’s HDD or DVD drive from a PC.

If the warranty is already up and you need to transfer a large number of recordings from its HDD to a PC, at your own risk, one option would be to open up the DVD recorder, take out its hard disk and install it in a desktop PC to access its content. If you do this, do not write, delete, defrag, run chkdsk, etc. on the HDD while it is connected to the PC, as the Lite-On uses a modified FAT32 file system. Unfortunately, from what I’ve read around, its HDD is not recognised by most USB->IDE adapters.