Is there really such a thing as a streaming media player that works?

Frustration, Frustration, Frustration. I have several video (VOB files) on my PC I’d like to watch on my 65" Panasonic. I thought it a simple problem so I bought a LG BD670 Blu-ray with integrated WiFi. Turns out it doesn’t support VOB files (or most everything else) even though the LG BD360 I also own does.

I returned it (Amazon) and bought a Panasonic DMP-BD210 Blu-ray with integrated WiFi which is even worse insofar as supported formats so I’ll probably return it, as well.

I’ve been researching various Media Players and just about the time I think I find one that supports the audio/video formats I need, I read all the comments (again, on Amazon) of previous buyers - most of which appear negative.

Can someone recommend a suitable device - preferably a Blu-ray player but if not, then a Media player

Oppo supports VOB, MPEG-2 and several flavors of MPEG-4 from network DNLA servers, and even more from attached drives.

But if all you want is a few simple streaming functions, a separate media box is the cheapest solution combined with a simple BD player. You can get both for around $200-250. Media boxes use a specialized decoder chip that BD players lack, which gives them far more media compatibility. The tradeoff is that they don’t offer high quality video decoding so image quality can suffer, especially on large screens. Also consider using a DNLA server which can transcode your VOBs to a supported format like MPEG-2. Or just convert the files to a supported format.

FWIW, wireless networks often fail to deliver adequate continuous speeds for streaming video, but SD video is usually OK.

Yep, get a western digital live or live plus or any host of other media players out now. I use a Live with B-rads firmwares and it’s great, plays almost anything I throw at it and looks great playing even low res videos on my HDTV.