Is there or isn't there a problem with the Samsung 182/183?



While many people have reported problems with the Samsung 182/183 drives (mainly due to lead-in problems), there are others who seem very happy with the drive.

Is there or isn’t there a problem with this drive ?


Well, there are some modified firmwares fixing this bug… so this should not be a problem anymore.


My September build (made in Philippine) 182M doesn’t have a lead-in problem and I’m very happy with this drive.


My SH-S182D was made in August 2006 (also Philippines-made), and never had the -R lead-in problem. Extremely happy with it.


My January 2007 build (made in Philippines) S183[B]L[/B] (SB01) SATA doesn’t have a lead in problem so far and i like it.


I might take the plunge and get a S183L then, as I really want a SATA burner.

rolling56 - Have you tried the SB02 firmware ?


Where is it? I have not seen it anywhere.


Apologies, there is no SB02 for the S183L. My eyes managed to move up one line as I moved across the firmware page looking for S183L firmwares :slight_smile:


I have had ZERO problems with my three s183L’s with dvd-r. My burned disks play in all my other dvd players in the house and all my computer dvd drives can read them. I am using the stock sb01 firmware. These drives are quiet as can be and give great burns. On the down side they aren’t good readers. Im using a BenQ 1655 to rip with.


One of the reasons I was going to get the S183 was for it’s apparently excellent DVD error correction, and good read speeds of pressed DVD-Video:

Why do you say the S183L is a bad reader ?


Probably because Samsungs are slow. My 182M (on a USB connection) peaks at 12X. Reads thru dirt tho’!!!:flower:


It’s supposed to read single layer at 16x and dual layer at 12x. I’m not sure if any burners can read dual layer DVD-ROM’s faster than 12x.





these figures are only valid dor data DVD-ROM. Video DVDs are something completely different, and the Samsung drives reduce their speed remarkably with that kind of media.
On the other hand, it can handle discs, that fail in other drives.



My mistake, it should read pressed DVD-Video discs at and average 12x (6.5x inner -> 16x outer) for single layer and an average of 6-6.5x (3.5x -> 8.5x) for dual layer.

The fastest drives cannot read faster with single layer discs, but can reach an average of 9x with dual layer discs.

Or is there some other kind of throttling goping on with the Samsung ?



Sorry, seems I was wrong. According to the reviews, the drive should indeed read SL DVD video discs at full speed.
It isn’t that fast with writeable media. Apologies for confusing you.:o



need driver for SH-S183L…can not put in the driver for the dvdw… I have Vista Ultimate…PLEASE HELP


So you should ask m$!


I replaced my DVD/ROM in my Dell Dimension 4550 running Windows XP Home with a Samsung Sh-S182m DVD Writer. Set the jumper on the Samsung to “master” and set jumper on CD/RW to “slave”. After startup I get an error message “Problem installing hardware. An error occurred during the installation of the device. The data is invalid”. In “My Computer” window new drive shows up as a local disk (D) under “Other”. My Floppy and CD/RW drives show up under “Devices with Removable Storage”. In Device manger the new DVD shows as “TSSTCorp CD/DVDW SH-S182M”. I also downloaded Samsungs LiveUpdate and it only sees the CD/RW drive. Also tried to download latest frimware and because it can’t see the drive it can’t complete the update? Called Samsung and got them to late in the day to complete a support effort. Chatted online with Dell and they couldn’t help!!! DMA has been enbled and when trying a DVD or CD in the drive nothing happens!!! Anyone have suggestions??


Have you tried uninstalling the IDE Channel the problem drive is on? If a disc is in the drive it will show it as a CD/RW Drive.