Is there mp3 numbering software or option for Nero Burning Rom?

Hi,I like to put several cd’s on one blank disc but don’t like having the separate folders on the disc because my dvd player requires me to turn on the tv and access the folders individually instead of playing them all in a row.Usually I re-number all the tracks continously or else Nero groups all the #1 tracks of all folders and such on.But this gets tedious after a while! Any way to stop Nero from grouping all the like # tracks together?Thanks

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You could try Acoustica MP3 CD Burner. Not sure if there’s a trial but it does the job automatically - once set - so takes the effort out of it.

WinAmp and a plug-in called ‘Playlist UnPacker’ is what I use. It can automatically add ‘PL001, PL002, …, PLxxx’ to the file name keeping the playlist in order on the CD.

Thanks guys,I’ll try those suggestions.Cheers to the good welcome!