Is there life after the 'BenQ DW1650/55'



My ‘Pioneer 107D’ has died, so im looking at a replacement, its seems the natural choice would be the ‘BenQ DW1655’…which are no longer available.; so what do I go for???

Speed is important , but to be honest… given that there seems to be only a few mins difference in burn time between top-bottom end drives…keeping coasters on the low is a bigger priority

Reliability, consistancy, durabliltiy and compatibility tried and tested are important…

Good allrounder with DL support, I dont think I would use RAM format, but all the other usual CD, DVD stuff…ripping data iso video etc…Light scribe would be nice too.

Sooo… is there anything (available in the UK) that competes with the
LG GSA-H42N in terms of an alternative to the famous ‘BenQ DW1650/55’

ps does the LG have any disadvantages???


If you want fast ripping, avoid LG and NEC.
You may wish to try a LiteOn if you want reliable quality scanning; the LG cannot do quality scanning at all while almost all other drives support some kind of quality scanning.


You can still get a 1650 in a lot of PC World stores :wink:

I would plump for a LiteOn for fast ripping, myself.


Although PC world site claims to have the ‘BenQ DW1650’ its not actually availble at any of their shops; when you try to buy online(it checks)

So what Liteon would you reccomend there seems to be a few


That’s funny, there were a stack of them at my local one (Bristol) a couple of weeks back.

Personally I’d go for the LiteOn LH-20A1H, which is the 20x LightScribe drive.


Another vote for LiteON LH-20A1X series (20A1H or 20A1P) , it is very comparable to my Benq 1640 in writing quality , speed and quality scanning


If you’re most concerned with keeping coasters low, I’d go with the Pioneer DVR-112D.


Its soo hard to choose…Hey random thats a nice collection would u say that your pioneer 112D is the most reliable out of that lot?

I was pretty happy with my Pioneer 107D, the only thing I would say is that it could have lasted a little longer 2-3 years of only moderate use…isnt a long lifetime IMHO…especially when it cost £100/$190/Eu140 back then…no where near its ‘lifetime hours’…I guess the dust got to it

My main uses would be data/dvd back-up, 8x is fine…Im more concerned that a quality back-up will be produced on decent media and will be working 1-2 years later when I need it, burning at 18x, x20 isnt really an issue for me(i also suspect that speed is sometimes at the expense of quality)

Dual Layer will be handy when the price of the disks go down…+ the odd music CD

Also ripping from various medias to .ISO(cd,DVD…music games, apps, copy-protection etc…) , speed isnt such an issue…I just want it to be able to do it…when i need something done…rather than worrying about how long its taking


Whats the difference between these LiteOn’s, most suppliers seem to have the -487c, but amazon has the -186:


Also is the LH-20A1P basically the same as the LH-20A1H but without the lightScribe?


For burning, yes. For ripping, I prefer using the Lite-On or BenQ drives, since they seem to tolerate scratches a lot more.

Correct. But the “P” drives seem to get a lot more frequent firmware updates than the “H” drives.


And…what is this the best media to use with the LiteOn drive, Im thinking these 2, I hear Verbatim uses Taiyo Yuden…is this right?

Verbatim 8.5Gb Double Layer +R x2.4 Manufacturer code 43460
Verbatim 4.7Gb +R x16 Manufacturer code 43576

…Hmmn that kind of changes my mind again cos i definetley do lot more burning than ripping…but then If my back-up gets scratched then the …argghhh


With the present prices of most writers (stupid cheap), just purchase 2. One for primary burning with best quality & one for primary reading/scanning (backup for writing also).


I would buy two, but money is short at the moment…if you could only buy 1 drive which would you pick?..I see some posts of ppl having problems with the LiteOn’s…maybe the Pioneers are better alrounders?


Ok manage to find a supplier with 1 ‘BENQ DW1650 OEM’ in stock for £21/$40/Eu30…so called them to confirm that they actually did have it in stock and ordered it…

Hope I made the right choice

This is a great forum but for every post I found saying a particular burner was good…I soon found another post saying the opposite

There is soo much information to trawl through, It would be handy if there was some kind of comparison table, say containing the 10 best drives with averaged test data from the reviews at various popular speeds and media types/brands etc…

1 page containing everything you need to make a purchasing decision based on what you need the drive to do:

Each test section could have a score amounting to an overall score for each burner
Each burner could receive votes if it died on a user(to identify weak/inconsistant builds)
Each burner could receive coaster votes:
etc etc…


Tuk, those are great ideas but are dificult to put together


maybe if i get sum spare time this summer Il give it a go


Only sometimes in Europe.
They mostly use MCC media that is manufactured in Taiwan (:)) or India (:().


My vote is for the LiteOn LH-20A1 series drives. I own one currently and am thinking about adding a Pioneer DVR-212DBK as a second drive. The LiteOn has been a terrific all-around drive. My only qualm with the Pioneer is the lack of booktype setting for +R single-layer media. Being as it’s +R though, I may not even need that. Everything I’ve read about the burn quality of the Pioneers really piques my interest. You should be in good shape with either one.

I can also add that my LiteOn 20A1S loves the Verbatim +R DL (made in Singapore). I haven’t had a coaster yet with these and have yet to encounter a disc that didn’t make the layer change at the correct point. I have also had great burns on YUDEN000 T02 in addition to Verbatim MCC004.


Using what program for DL discs?


LiteOn LH 20 are very good writers