IS there FW for the LG GWA 4161b?



I cant decide whats true or not from what Ive read here.




35 views? Yes or no would be fine.


Forget it.


I wouldn’t hold my breath for one. Seems like firmware updates will be limited to the Super Multi drives.


Manufacturers also have priorities. GWA-4161B is simply not their priority as far as I know. Have you seen LG advertising GWA-4161B openly? They won’t perhaps even like to talk about it.

Drives without DVD-RAM capability are not “Super Multi” because Super Multi is a term for drives that can write to at least CD-R, CD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, and DVD-RAM. GWA-4161B is just one of those neglected models, sorry to say.


well i just found out that this drive was made in korea and was made for the US market only. i live in canada and have one. There’s no available information on this drive. phoned and emailed the canadian division, thats what i got from them… they said to contact the US LG for info… i emailed them about, just waiting for them to respond. i will post what they say. kinda funny though, why would a company make a drive, and not support it?


The hell with this crappy drive I returned the thing the next day.


I think LG wanted to test the market to see how a drive without -RAM support would sell. Don’t think it turned out too well but hindsight is 20/20.


well i got a email from the US LG, heres what she said.

"Thank you for contacting LG Electronics concerning your computer-related inquiry.

Actually, this model is not manufactured for the US, either. The GSA models are manufactured for use in the US. When you perform a ‘google’ search for this model, you will see that only countries outside North America carry this model. It is a current LG drive, however, it is not supported on the US site."

still no real info on why its not supported or why only across seas. ohh well so far the drives been good, cant really complain.


Has anyone tried flashing a 4161 with 4160 firmware? It might be worth a try.


Don’t think that will work. From what I understand, the 4161 may have a different pickup head than the 4160 that won’t allow it to read/write -RAM. Maybe an LG engineer out there can verify this.


Has anyone found any more info on this drive as I know have one, Windows XP will not recognise a DVD disc when in the drive, but nero and DVD Decrypter both do?

Thanks for any help



I hate my GWA-4161B


So here is the scoop on this so far. I also live in Canada and have purchased this drive. I got the same story from LG Canada and then I called LG in Alabama. The guy there said they would not support the drive because it is oem. As said already, how can LG dodge responsibility for a product with their name on it, regardless of where it was supposed to be sold. I also filed a complaint with the Better Businees Bureau here in Canada to no avail (LG never replied to the BBB). By the way, the BBB rates LG as unsatifactory in the complaint response department.
If you do a Google search on the GWA-4161b you will find it is being sold in Canada, USA, Czech republic, France, Spain and Germany. Actually I’m sure it is being sold everywhere. What can we do to change LG’s mind on this? I’m going to try to find some other consumer advocats or something to get support. This is really poor coming from a company like LG. They make money off of the sale of this drive support it, there is not even a manual for it!
Buy Lite-On from now on.


But why did you buy it when nobody here recommends it? I don’t recommend 4161 because it’s NOT LG’s own model and not quite as much supported by LG itself and not as good as 4163 or even 4160. Complain to the person who recommended it to you or the one who sold it to you.

If I import drives from NEC or Lite-On or BenQ and distribute them in certain markets, it becomes my own responsibility to make sure the users are reasonably satisfied. Only on that condition, the drive maker decides to sell the products to OEM buyers. (That was why I spent my own money to replace some returned units of NEC drives instead of telling the users to talk to NEC.)

Ask BenQ if BenQ wants to be responsible for Plextor PX-740A which is designed and made by BenQ. Ask Lite-On if Lite-On is responsible for 4KUS-branded Lite-On SOHW-1673S. Yes, it’s perfectly the same drive as real Lite-On SOHW-1673S but no part of Lite-On or any Lite-On distributor is responsible for it.

Before buying anything, make sure who is responsible for the after-sales service and at what cost.


Actually it was an impulse buy. I joined here to see if I could get help. If the drive is not LGs own model, then they should not put their name on it. Whatever happened to accountability? Have corporations come to the point where they can brand a product and not support it? When a company puts its name on a product I strongly believe support is implied. Could Honda or General Motors build a car for another market and then say “we will not support it”? I don’t care where this drive was intended to be sold. The Fact is, it is being sold the world over and with the name LG on it. Either take your name off, or support it.
Right now, they are not even acknowledging its existence, a total lack of honour and integrity on LGs behalf. Do you see the problem here?
When I sign my name on anything, it comes with a personal guarantee, I back up what I say and do, if not, my word and integrity is worth nothing.


Nissan makes some cars sold in South Korea but Nissan does not support them. It’s Renault-Samsung that does support them. Everybody knows they are designed and made by Nissan but nobody expects Nissan to support them in any way.

GWA-4161 does not exist officially. Yes, there’s an LG name on top of the drive, but it’s only because it’s legally required. Have you noticed any public advertisement by LG itselt about 4161 model? I sometimes talk to LG directly. LG does NOT have 4161 even though they have internally developed and distributed 4161. Try to understand and accept it instead of imposing your own prevailing common sense.

Another example. You can buy a Gateway or Dell or HP PC. When you open the case, you may find Samsung DDR-SDRAM modules and LG DVD writers. Even though your PC reports them made by and branded as Samsung and LG, you are not supposed to contact Samsung and LG because of anything related to warranty. The company that sold you the PC package is responsible for the warranty of all parts inside such as HDDs and DVD drives. Intel does not support any “bulk” type CPU products even though the CPUs clearly say they are Intel. Same with AMD. (Bulk meaning illegally distributed or meant for OEM distribution as in your case.)


A more intimate example. I have one GSA-5163D and one GSA-4120B. Both are not supported by LG Electronics in South Korea because I didn’t buy them through a regular domestic distribution channel. I got them from LG directly or nearly directly so both drives are without warranty and if I have anything unlucky with either of them, I simply have to buy another from a retail store. Just because a drive has a name doesn’t mean you can rely on that name for the drive’s performance.



In the examples you cite, somebody is still supporting the product, be it Renault-Samsung or Gateway or Dell. The only one that does not is LG, with regards to your 2 drives. Why should it matter which channels were used for the purchase? I drive a Dodge Colt here in Canada that was built by Mitsubishi in Japan. I get support through Chrysler Canada, or if I want, I can get parts for it from Mitsubishi of America or even Japan if so inclined. My point is, there is no support for this drive from anyone anywhere, yet it exists and somebody gains profit from it’s sales. I built the PC myself and purchased the drive from a retailer. I am not trying to impose my common sense on anyone. It seems I have failed to make my point. And so, as you suggested, I must accept that LG does not conduct business like everyone else I have purchased products from. My future purchases will not include LG as an option.


Michael Schwenk