Is there DVD Menu Authorinig Software with "No" output size to hard disk limitation?


Background: I have a Windows Vista media center based home theater pc where I can access music, pictures, and video (movies) through out my home. All of my (purchased) media (has been ripped) is stored on a network attached file server (10TB) with lots of storage space. I have been using AnyDVD/CloneDVD/DVDShrink to copy movies to the server and play them back using Arcsoft Total Media Theater with no problems.

What’s the Problem: I would like to load a box set of a TV series (typically 6 disks and 20-30 episodes) to my server and combine all episodes into one VIDEO_TS folder (sort of a virtual DVD) with simple menus to allow me to select which epoisode we want to watch. I have been successful with DVDShrink in creating a “virtual” DVD that you can play but it does not have the ability to create a menu to go with it. The final size of one of these box sets is around 40GB to 60GB which is beyond the size of any DVD.

All of the author tools that I have tried so far (TMPGEnc, Nero, MagicDVD, AVSDVD to name several that I thought were promising) seem to constrain me to outputting to a standard DVD or Blu-ray DVD size when I compile to the hard drive.

Question: Is there a DVD menu authoring tool that does not impose this constraint? Or is there a menu only authoring tool that I can use to build menus for what DVDShrink outputs to my hard drive?