IS there cheaper Dual Layer than Verbatim?



i have been using Verbatim DVD+R Dual Layer for a few months now for my 360. Is there any Dual Layer out there that is stable with the 360 but cheaper?




I’ve been using Rodisc without any issues. It is cheaper than Verbatim and I have had no coasters as yet. 360 games are now cheaper :slight_smile:


You could try Falcon they are good you can get a 20 pack cheap from Super Media Store


Falcon DL Silver Pearl Inkjet printable @8x with LiteOn iHAS324


Thanks for the info guys! i did try Falcon before but was not very impressed but it seems you guys like it. Maybe a bad batch? i ordered some of the Rodisc dual layer i found them on an online store i tried them out and it works pretty well so far. going to get more and let you guys know. Thanks again!


What MID do the Rodiscs have?


ya the MID is RICOHJPND01