Is there burning software that allows multiple images to be queued?

I searched all the back posts and only found one thread that didn’t ever get answered. Right now I use Alcohol 120% because I have several different kinds of images on my computer. I want a software program or plugin that will allow me to queue up 20 or so images and then it would burn each one automatically and all I would be doing is supplying my computer with blank DVD’s or CD’s. Is there any program like that?

To be more clear, I would like to just sit and watch tv or read a book and everytime I hear my tray eject, I would know to put in a blank media and the computer would then proceed to burn the next image in queue.

If there’s any reliable software or plugin like that I would be greatly indebted to whoever could supply me with a name or website. Thanks in advance.

by the way, I’ve been a long time reader and I think this website is great!