Is there anyway to mod the Canon IP2000 to print on DVD?



Is there anyway to mod the Canon IP2000 so that it can print on DVDs? I recently bought some printable MIJ Maxell DVD+R, it seems kinda a waste if I just write on it. But my Canon IP2000 doesn’t support disc printing. Is there anyways to mod it? I am fairly good with mechanical stuff, and I’m not really worried if I mess up the printer since I got it for $20. Any info or links? Thanks.


Check the european Canon site and see if that printer supports disc printing, if so with new drivers and a cd tray you can probably make it work.


According to this site, the answer would be no.


Is there anyway to check if the Espson CX3200 can print DVDs? Thanks for the replies.


Epson makes the R300 at a very reasonable price and it prints DVDs great. I think if you look around you can get one for less than 100.00USD.:clap:


It cannot unless you re-write the devices firmware.


Are there any modded firmware out there for it? Thanks.