Is there anyway for Lite-On user to determine Jitter level of the disc?

I’am Lite-On user (1693s, 1635S), and only have Lite-On Drive.

As you already know that Jitter level is very important factor to judge if the disc is “Good Burn”.
But Lite-On isn’t support Jitter monitor, so my disc may get 98 score but I don’t know if that disc has acceptable Jitter level.

My question is, is there anyway for Lite-On user to know about jitter level of their discs ?

If I can’t see jitter level in Cd Speed (cause my drive isn’t support), is there any test/benchmark that reflect jitter level ?

There is no direct way you can measure jitter with current LiteOn drives.

If you need to scan for jitter, you can buy a BenQ 1655/1650/1640/1620 drive, or a Plextor PX-755/716/712 drive. The Plextor drive will be twice as expensive and much slower in performing the jitter scan, and it won’t tell you jitter directly as a percentage value. OTOH the Plextor drive will probably show jitter values more fairly than a BenQ drive, because BenQ drives tend to not be as precise for scanning jitter on discs that were not burned in a BenQ drive - at least that’s what I’ve been told by some BenQ owners on the forum.