Is there anything better than IE?

I was wondering if anyone knew of a better browser to use with out all that spyware…something simple too…thx :slight_smile:

Check several discssions in this forum on Mozilla Firefox…

firefox , opera , conqueror (linux), safari (mac osx), camino (mac osx).
try them and find what is the best for you.

Errr Is There Anything Worse Than IE ? :stuck_out_tongue:

mosaic :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m looking at this through Opera freeware right now, great browser that eliminates the need for a download manager (apart from scheduling) and although is ad supported, does not throw in spyware to suit. Its much quicker than IE ever was. And when you clear caches and historys it actually does it.

Firefox hands down

You will enjoy Firefox if you enjoy the interface of IE. Firefox is hands down better than IE and the Internet should cater to this browser rather than IE, but of course that will never happen as long as Microsoft rules.

if you like the way ie functions you may also want to look at Maxthon. It it built over ie so it runs pretty much the same. Though it is susceptable to the same exploits as ie, by applying various tweaks it can be a little more secure and functional

the internet should cater to the standards that it has set for itself. browsers should conform to them as well.

FireFox 1.0 Released Today
Thats right no more RC’s this is the Final

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