Is there anything an LG GH24LS50 can be flashed to?



I am unable to burn DL discs with a media code of MBIPG101 R10-065 with this drive :frowning:



Could you please post a log from Nero or Imgburn here?


I get the EC-Uncorrectable Error all the time.


I think your particular discs are simply too dodgy. Maybe you could find a CD Freak/MyCE member close to you to test 'em out, but considering your run of luck, you just might have to search for different discs. If you haven’t found a decent drive (besides the one HP/LiteOn), it’s safe to say the drives are not the culprit. Many drives older than yours do support the MBI DL disc, with decent success if the media is good. Crossflashing a drive to anything else these days rarely means you gain a better burning ability, especially if you would be crossflashing to something that uses the same basic firmware.


You can look here and read the comments:


With all due respect, I can’t believe that (literally) dozens of Kodak-branded discs that work fine in the HP 1270 but blow out in the LG or Asus drives are the result of bad media - especially in light of the fact that I have spoken directly with the head person in charge of Kodak media.


But it is quite possible. The media support is clearly there in all of these recent drives. People have written to them–with varying degrees of success–so the problem simply must exist somewhere within your setup/usage scenario. If the problem is not with the drives themselves, then some other software or hardware configuration conflict is cropping up, and the HP-branded LiteOn was the only drive able to surmount the issues.

You could always try your drives in another machine, or send samples of your media to other CDFreaks/MyCE members to try out with their drives. I know this must be frustrating, but those are the only likely solutions, since support for the media is clearly there otherwise.


The only software I use to burn is ImgBurn - as it is the only one I have found that a) uses MDS breakpoint files, and b) verifies (and that’s where the error always occurs). Lightning UK, the programmer of ImgBurn has consistently stated that the error does not lie with the software.

For the heck of it, I will try uninstalling ImgBurn, removing all traces from the registry, re-booting, and re-installing.

Nero aside, are there any other burn proggies that support verify?



Any burning tool should come with an verify option.