Is there anybody out there

could anyone please tell me what firmware to flash for 1620(dont know if it is pro version?-Drive info-ATAPI DVD DD 2X16X4X16) firmware version-G7Z9.
several dvd-r’s wont work in drive-drive tells me no dvd is inserted :confused:

Go for G7P9 or G7T9 these seem like the most recomended, your firmware G7Z9 is a very old firmware and many improvements have been made since that firmware release.

I have had three 1620’s and now that Benq is producing poor G firmware ie. G7V9, my advice is to flash to retail and use B firmware (plenty of instructions on this forum). I currently use B7T9, B7U9 and B7V9. My best scans so far 100% have been with B7V9 although burning is sometimes slightly slower than T9 or U9. It’s really a case of personal preference and what suits your particular burner and media. If you flash to retail version, your burner will show up as Benq instead of ATAPI. Good Luck.

There is no difference in firmwares between G or B the only difference is the naming of the drive.

I would agree with this for all firmwares except G7V9 & B7V9. Having tried both on three different 1620’s, G7V9 gives consistently poor burns while B7V9 gives consistently good burns. This difference does not occur with previous OEM & retail firmwares and it happens on a wide variety of media as others have posted on the forum.

I have tried g7p9,g7t9 and g7v9 but it does not solve the problem of different brands of dvd-r ( yellow datawrite,(red work)Fortis and several others) could there be a fault in the drive? :Z thankyou for the help so far :bigsmile: