Is there any way to write faster to a CDRW?



I have a 52x32x52 from Liteon but can’t get any 32x CRDW media.

Is there anyway to fool the software or the drive into writing at 32x to a 24x CDRW

If not where can I fund 32x RW media in the UK.

Even the drive only came with a 24x

Many Thanks



AFAIK, there isn’t any way to do so… and even if you could do it, it would be a bad idea, since 24x RW media are desiged for 24x use, not 32x… Numerous side effects can occur, bringing down the quality of the burn (if it succeeds at all)… so don’t do it :wink:


Heh, actually one can jump from a designated speed to a little higher speed of burning but not at such high speeds. I happen to have a lot of CD-RWs operating at 4-10x but i burn all of them at 12x because Nero allows me to. I dunno why, might be my burning units (Teac CDW 540E, teac CDW 548E, Sont CRX210E1), but I feel fine with it. The speed increase is not so big and all, but it’s shown as possible to raise speed a little.

I’ve heard of a guy able to burn 4-10 CD-RWs to up to 24x but he was using a hacked firmware, I guess made the unit unaware of CDRW’s speed limit. i doubt alot of this story, but that’s how it was told to me too.


Oh well, on with my search for 32x CDRW discs.

Any one have any ideas of a supplier for 32x CDRW media in the UK.

Thanks For Your replies.



There is currently no 32x RW media for sale anywhere. October is when Verbatim is supposed to start selling theirs. We have no idea if it will be reliable or suitable for any particular purpose.