Is there any way to use the Nero SDK with other languages then C/C++?

Isn’t there any way to use NeroSDK with another programming language than C/C++ ?

I’d like particularly to use it with .Net languages ( or C#). Could it be possible and if yes, what would be the way?

Thanks in advance.

In the next big update of Nero there will be NeroCOM included. NeroCOM is a set of COM classes and interfaces that
can be used in any programming language that supports COM philosophy (practically
all modern languages for Win32 platforms including C/C++, Delphi, Visual Basic,
Java, etc.).

Using NeroCOM you have access to almost all the functionality NeroAPI offers.

You can expect NeroCOM being available in the next few month.

Thanks very much for your answer but I’ve just found the following answer on another forum (

<i>"Nero CD comes with a complete SDK and the sample is very easy to understand and <b>translate to VB</b> (complete with all common issues, ISO, CDR, CDRW, VCD, DVD ecc.) And it works! "</i>

Has it been already tested by somebody here and is there a hope to make it working in