Is there any way to STOP the ejecting of source disc after it's read?

When burning a cd-r or dvd, is there any way to prevent Nero ( from ejecting the SOURCE disc after the disc image has been written?

I know the option to not eject the written disc after the burn is available in the expert features tap of preferences, but I haven’t been able to find any option to stop the ejection of the source disc. To me this seems to be a much more important & needed option because when I leave my computer & am not there to retrieve the source disc out of the drive after it has automatically ejected, the source disc is soon automatically re-entered into my computer & is read by my computer all over again, & the pop-up asking me what I’d like to do with that disc (play it, rip it, etc) appears. All while the destination disc is still being burnt, seemingly taking away from the quality of the burn & interfering with the process. I would really like to prevent this from continuing to happen.

I never noticed that. It always opened the just burned disc only. Strange :confused:

If the source is out of the drive how can the burn continue. Something sounds like a serious setup up problem and I bet it’s coming from the computer OS software and not Nero.

After the entire disc image from the source disc is written it ejects. I don’t know, it’s always done this and I didn’t set it up to do that, not to my knowledge anyway. I used to only have one drive, an internal burner which burnt cds only, so it wasn’t a problem and actually the ejection of the source disc was needed so i could put the blank in there to be burnt on the same drive. But now that I have an external dvd burner this is becoming quite a significant problem, as the automatic ejection and re-entering of the source disc uses computer’s resources during the burn and interupts the process.

The burns don’t completely mess up, they finish “sucessfully,” but clearly this interferes with the process & also degrades the quality of the burns as scans seem to indicate - As opposed to scans of discs I’ve burnt when I’ve been there to snatch the source disc out of the source drive, before the drive re-enters it & reads it after a few moments.

Gee this is a tough one. I just went through all the nero settings and don’t see anything about the source disc. It’s almost like your computer remembers the way it was with just one burner, but where? Ill have to poke around a bit.

Cool, well I appreciate all of your help. I’m gonna look around :eek: more myself

After ~25 pages of reading. question. I don’t know how nero keeps track of versions. Is your version consider older or newer in the version 6 range. I did read there was a bug they fixed. Seems the source disc was not being locked and in that case other programs including the OS could open it while in use. (I remember after listing to some cd’s the music would finish and the door would open by itself. That was done by Microsoft OS. The OS might consider you using the disc and when finished it opens so you can insert another. Im just thinking out loud) I gather it has to be locked until the very end. Which program within nero are you using. Rom, express, vision? Also what drive, and what external case. You don’t have a dub button on the case do you?

Now I need asprin :iagree:
Little help from the peanut gallery would be nice

I have, which I believe is a newer version of version 6. The source disc automatially ejects when burning with Nero Rom as well as Express. The only button on my external drive to my knowledge is the eject button, that’s the only one on the front at least. Since I have yet to use my external drive for the source drive, & probably never will, the internal drive on my computer is the one doing this & the only one I currently have issue with.

If you let the source go back into the drive does is do or attempt to do anything? im gona have to sleep on this one.

This started after adding the external?

It reads the disc & Windows pops up “a dvd has entered, do you want to rip it w/windows media player, play it with wmp, open it in a folder, etc,” however that goes. And this fucks with the burn cuz it’s reading the disc and doing all this stuff while the destination disc is burning b/c it’s another program running & interfering this reduces the quality of the finished product.

Nero doesn’t do anything w/the source disc when it re-enters b/c it’s already done with it, but the computer still reads the disc & the Windows prompt asking what I want to do with it appears, all while a disc is burning & no other applications should be running in order for an optimal burn :a

I understand what your saying about the extra processes that start up, but i think and ill have to think on this is that something in the os (whatever program) is having an effect on the door after nero says it’s done with it.