Is there any way to set DVDFab to 32-bit color?



I’m using DVDFab Platinum with Mobile option, and my daughter received a Sansa Fuze for Christmas that I’m putting some movies on.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to go straight from DVD to the Fuze without passing the movie through the Sansa Media Converter, but I have found that the more of the conversion you can do before passing the file (.avi) through SMC, the better the results and the faster the overall process.

The output of DVDFab, however, is 24-bit color, and Sansa Media Converter then “upconverts” it back to 32-bit color. This is not an option that can be changed in SMC, but I was hoping that there was some way to have DVDFab platinum use 32-bit color. Who knows, if we do that I may be able to go straight to the Sansa Fuze.

Thanks for your help!


As FYI, here are all the specs for video format on the Sansa Fuze based on the output of the Sansa Media Converter. I’m really hoping that if I can get DVDFab to output 32-bit color, maybe manually set the quality flag to 0 I can go straight to the Sansa Fuze without running through Sansa’s converter:

Codec: DIVX5 (think XVID will work)
File Extension: .avi
Resolution: 224x176 ONLY
Rate: 20fps
Color Depth: 32-bit (DVDFab is putting out 24-bit color, need 32-bit here)
AVI Peak Bitrate: Always either 102,264 or 102,664 after running through SMC
Video Quality Flag: 0 (always set to zero by Sansa Converter, DVDFab outputs -1)
Audio Type: MP3
Audio Bitrate: 128kbps
Audio Sampling Rate: 44,100
Audio Channels: 2 (Stereo)


You should look at this thread it will shed some light-


Thanks, Jethro- I did read through that and there is some good information. Looks like the problem isn’t solved yet, but hopefully it will be shortly. Any idea about setting DVDFab to use 32-bit color? Thanks!