Is there any way to selectivly remove menus from clonedvd?



such as special feature menus and stuff that have no use since you are not copying that to the dvd?

or for example :slight_smile: in band of brothers, the episode guide, the field guide, etc…


use clonedvd2


i have clonedvd2, i dont see that option in here


When you start clonedvd2
Select the second one, Clone DVD

The Red dot, look at it, when removed, it’ll remove the menu
The green dot, is where usually the main movie is, (just as example)
You can preview it, once u know which one u want, uncheck the others, leave checks for the ones you want, remove check for the ones you dont want, then click next and select which audio/s you want
Go next and rip/burn


That doesn’t edit the menus though, it leaves them intact with blank VOBs for what used to be there. Thus if you deselect the Special Features, the menu option will still be there, just not do anything. If you wanted to edit the menu, you’d need to do it manually.


When i remove the check in red, and other stuff, all i have is the movie, the other special features are gone


If you just remove the menus - and nothing else - the special features are still there, you just have to select them via the remote of the player.

If you leave the menu and only select the main movie, the menu will be intact [ie not changed] however all options except the main movie will not do anything.


yea, more clearer, and yea, i do understand, usually i leave one check (which is the main movie) everything else is unchecked and so is the menu check, so all i have is the movie :slight_smile: