Is there any way to scan with the 4550A

I just got my 4550A today and I have burned about 10 discs. I cannot not get it to scan accurately. If I scan on the 4550, I get no jitter and a horrid spike at the layer break. If I scan the disc burned on the 4550 in my BenQ 1655 or 1640 it doesn’t show a true scan, same spike at the layer break, with the 1655 I get slow downs evry 200mbs, it there a drive or a correct ECC to scan these 4550 burned disc at, or is scanning completely out until CD-DVD Speed comes up with a version to scan these discs with. If somebody knows something I don’t please let me know, I have combed the forums and can’t find anyones 4550 scans. I am using L&Ds 1.07BT firmware.

I dont think it supports jitter. LiteOn doesnt!

It doesn’t show jitter, and gets the spike at 2.3 gig on 16x burns. If you slow it down to 5x speed in cd speed it will give a better result and the spike seems to go away. I have noticed that it doesn’t seem to affect transfer rates or anything so just might be some sort of a glitch.

Thanks Dartman, I will try and scan at 5X and see what happens, I think CD-DVD Speed should be made aware of this and maybe come out with revision. The movies play great but you sure couldn’t tell it by the scans.

I bought a NEC ND 4550A a few days ago. Reading this forum I knew that the ND 4550A wasn’t very suitable for scanning. However, for most media it wasn’t that bad after all. The reported PIE rates were significantly higher than on my BenQ 1620, but the PIF rates were only about twice as high as on the BenQ 1620. There is one big exception, though. It concerns the BenQ DVD+R media.
First the horrible ND 4550A scan, then the very good BenQ 1620 scan and finally the almost perfect CDspeed reading curve. Every other burn of BenQ DVD+R media yields very similar results.

Did you scan the dsic burned on the 4550 on the BenQ to get that scan?For some reason all media and I have all quality media, and I cannot get a decent scan on this 4550 drive no matter what scanning speed I use or what speed the disc is burned at, but all my other drives scan these same discs in the high 90QS, maybe I have to change the registry setting like Dee said in her first page of the 1.X8 page.

Yes, the disc was burnt on the ND 4550A. So far all tested media show the ND 4550A clearly ahead of the BenQ 1620, when scanning was done with the BenQ 1620. The smallest difference was observed with the BenQ DVD+R media, which the BenQ 1620 really likes a lot. It is more difficult for me to evaluate DVD-R media, because the BenQ is not a good DVD-R scanner. Also the ND 4550A nearly doesn’t get as hot as the BenQ. I post some more scan comparisons later.

The 4550A seems to:

  1. Report PIE in a totally erratic, looney, useless fashion. Dismiss PIE completely, even @5X. (Some units seem to be less erratic in the way they report.)

  2. Report PIF in a “correct” fashion, up to @12X.

It does NOT report jitter, actually only Plextor and Benq drives report jitter AFAIK. :wink:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Here is a scan comparison for Bulkpaq DVD+R discs. Despite the media code these are not Verbatim discs.

Here is scan comparison for my worst media. These are RITEK R03 fakes. The ND 4550A does a surprisingly good burn of these extremely crappy media until about 4 GB. When burnt on my LG 4120B these discs are completely unreadable.

I think you mean the 1.X6 page :wink:

Yes that was typo, sorry Scorpiosoft, I will be more careful.