Is there any way to get TDK cd-rws to burn SecuROM?

I am trying to burn a game with the newer version of SecuROM (WCIII).

The burner I am using is made by TDK. Not many people seem to use that brand around here, so I am wondering if the burner has the physical capabilities to burn this protection properly. For example, is it able to burn subchannel data and such?

If so, what profile should I be using?

Thanks a lot for any help.

Actually it seems as though using the LiteOn SecuROM profile fixed my problems.

That’s weird.

Are TDK drives just rebadges LiteOn drives? Or did I get lucky?

Actually that didn’t work.

Daemon Tools was interfering.

tell us which drive you have. i have the tdk 161040x and its a rebadged sanyo

I have a TDK 321040B

i’m pretty sure yours is a lite-on

But how can I back up SecuROM games? The Lite-On profile for them does not work properly.