Is there any way to check Plextor drive Power On Hours?

I plan to buy one or two used Plextor cd and/or dvd burners over eBay. I want to know the Power on Hours of the burner. Is there any way to check it?

Download PX-Info or RMA-Info:

On-Time in H.M.S format for CD and DVD in the generated report is at the end of the line (in { } i think) with the drives name and serial no.

I’m not sure about power on time, but you can see the total time used for recording CD media and the total time used for recording DVD media. See explanation by forum member koba in this post.

Thank you hwp & DrageMester! :bow: :bow: :bow:

Very interesting and very appropriate because I just bought a 716AL from ebay (arrived Fri) from someone who also bought it used.

I ran PX-info and was shocked to see this displayed :1 hr 35min 56 s for cd and 1 hr 7min 7s for dvd !!
Is this total time permanent or does it reset to zero when firmware is updated or somehow else ?
I find it incredible that this drive can have such low time after two prior owners, but very fortunate if these times are, in fact, accurate.(drive works great BTW)

Further info to above. PX-info reports that “buffer underun” is read out only. And then also states that it is disabled.
Yet, Plextools shows that buffer underun is green “checked” and thus enabled. Why the discrepancy ?

I guess it’s permanent, that means that about 15 full DVDs and 30 full CDs have been burned (just a rough guess - of course the previous owner might have burned lots more but less data :p), which would not be too much actually.

I also guess the information about the timespan burning CDs and DVDs is permanent. The Plextor RMA tool also reports this times in case of a RMA request.
I’m sure Plextor would have denied a RMA if a burner burnse mor media than the specification or MTBF say.
You can try to “reset” the counters by flashing a new firmware, but I’m very sure the counter will be the same after flashing a new firmware. I also guess the burner save more information. It is a kind of strange that Plextor wants a file generated by the RMA tool with contents of “cryptorahic” (not directly readable / binary data) for the RMA process. For this reason I guess the drive itself saves error states, error counters and other diagnostic relevant data after running the RMA tool.

I would consider this a low hr drive for sure. My 760a, purchased in Jan, already has 11 hrs dvd time (I burn a lot of movies)
BTW, did I read in another thread that you’re a big 716 fan ? Congrats on the 5,000 th post !!

th_mi… I’m going to flash my 760a w/the latest firmware and see if the hrs remain unchanged. I’m guessing they will.

Well, I still had my old 708a in the closet (which the dvd side had died) so used that as the test. Flashed back to 2 ver ago and then to current firmware and the hrs remained the same. So it is permanent. The 708a had 64 hrs dvd time and 7 hrs cd time BTW.

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