Is there any way to burn a Tempt file to CD?



Is it possilbe, say , to listen to a song online that is stored on your temporary internet files, and then burn that file to a CD? I’ve tried moving those files to differeint folders, copying and such, but with no success. Any way in the world to burn a Temp file to a cd? or convert it to a mp3 file? thanks for your help.




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What you can do is a use a program like Total Recorder or VCR Suite and record live streaming media onto your PC.


Creative’s Recorder has a “What You Hear” option that records sound directly from the computer to a file.


sweet…awesome thanks guys…i’ll see what i can do…


is creative recorder available for free online?


I can’t seem to find it, but I have the full setup right here on my disc, ill be happy to give it to everyone but I don’t if it’s illegal or not.


Ok, give me your e-mail address and i’ll send it to you.


Check this:


Thanks for replying, sorry about the delayed response, i haven’t checked my email for a while. My emial address is Again thanks