Is there any walkman can read DVD-MP3 For Audio Only?

Hi all,

Is there any walkman can read DVD-MP3 ?

There is a lot cd mp3 player.
But i need DVD mp3 player.
For Audio Only ( Without Video ) !!

Thank You

An MP3 disc is basically a data disc, any DVD player which supports MP3 playback should theoretically be capable of playing MP3s recorded on a DVD.

But I really not agree with the intention to do this, as MP3 lacks in quality and capabilities to facilitate such large storage requirement of a DVD. The current MP3 standard is only stereo and no multi-channel MP3 is available unitl about mid-2004 when the standard comes out.

Current Dolby AC-3 5.1 is encoed in 640Kbps, which with a two hour stream, contains over 3GB of data on audio alone; and makes DVD a sensible choice for storage.

I think the last post missed the point. A portable audio ‘walkman’ that plays mp3 from DVD/R/RW would have 40 CDs of music on a single at a price far lower than disk based players like an iPod.
At least that is what I am looking for !

I have never heard of such a device. Some stand alone dvd players can do it. Perhaps a portable dvd player- but probably not as compact as you would like. With ipods selling so well, I doubt anyone is going to produce this.

The problem with most standalone home devices is that they are media type specific (I guess that’s how you would word it). Meaning, if you insert a dvd, it will only expect to see dvd video content on the disc. If you insert a cd, it is expecting to see vcd, svcd, audio, mp3, etc. It would seem this is more of a firmware limit than a hardware one.

I’m not sure how many of you have actually tried ISO/UDF dvd discs with mp3 files on their “mp3 playback supported” dvd players.

I’ve tried it on several players (Samsung, Denon, Pioneer, etc) and my findings are that NONE of the big name players support mp3 playback from dvd discs.

I don’t know why this is so, is it a licensing issue or something else.

Only crappy el-cheapo players like AFK and others support mp3 playback from dvd discs. The trouble is that their mp3 decoders are mostly crap (clipping, drop outs, sound output dies, etc).

If anybody knows of a brand name dvd hifi (i.e. standalone) player that does proper/good quality mp3 playback from UDF dvd discs, please report here.

you will need GOLAND TECH AUDIO DVD CREATOR if you want to put wav or mp3s on a dvd which you get get over 3000 mp3s on one dvd.any dvd player will read as it in dvd format e.g VIDEO_TS. If anyone finds the crack for version 1.5 which is the best,please let me know

I don’t think that a DVD disc that is structured as a DVD-Video (VIDEO_TS) will play in a DVD-Audio drive, portable or not. The DVD-Audio drive is created to play audio and does not have a video screen. It would probably not recognize a DVD-Video disc at all.

I understand the desire for such a device.

It would basically be like an MP3 CD walkman, but also read MP3s burned to a DVD. The benefit would be a cheap (< $100) player that could play a 4.3 GB MP3 disc, and could be powered by 2 AA batteries since it would only have to decode MP3 and not reproduce DVD audio & video.

I’ve been looking for just such a device for the past year, with no success.

Been wondering why the hell a unit like this has not been produced. Perfect alternative to the more expensive HD units.
Yes, one could argue that they’d say that there weren’t enough people with DVD burners. But against that most Mp3 players have to be used with a computer (except that iRiver model, though do you really want to be transferring your tracks in real time!) and like DVD burners now aren’t that much more to buy than a spindle of DVD blanks!
Surely couldn’t be that difficult to produce. Over 2500 songs on 3 DVD data discs!!
And if it did have video out - all the better! Sony? JVC? Panasonic?..Hello… anybody out there?,
C’mon… Apple is whipping your arses!

The Philips DVP642 does a great job of playing MP3s on DVD-ROM ISO format discs. It doesn’t list this ability on Philips website, but I have three of these units and they can in fact play MP3s burned on dvds as data (I use Nero Burning ROM to create them). I haven’t tried the DVD-ROM UDF or the DVD-ROM UDF/ISO formats under Nero yet, but I see no reason why those wouldn’t work. There are two limitations though: 1) You can’t search through your list/menu of MP3s while playing a MP3 file (it has to be in stop mode in order to be able to search through your list of MP3s), 2) The MP3 filenames are limited to eleven characters. Other than these limitations, it’s the best DVD player out there for the money.

It can read/play DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, and DVD+RW discs including MP3s burned to any of those types (I mostly use DVD+RW for my MP3 collections so I can update my discs when I get new MP3s). I have yet to encounter a DVD-Video disc that it won’t play no matter which type of disc it’s burned to (DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW). Additionally, this unit supports NTSC and PAL DVDs. There is also an unofficial “hack” code that allows the unit to become region free (I have personally verified this and it has played all my region 1 and region 2 discs with no problems).

The Philips DVP642 is also progressive scan capable. It has three output types for video: composite, component, and S-video. It’s also suppossed to support DivX and MPEG4, but I have never tried any discs in those formats because I don’t use them. On Philips website under the product’s specs, it only lists the ability to play DVD+R and DVD+RW (not DVD-R and DVD-RW). But, if you download the .pdf file, it lists all discs types (DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW). I have verified that it plays every disc type (including discs that KProbe reported very high PI and PIF errors on - due to crappy media brand).

The only other limitation that I have come across is that your are limited to 8X speed for forward/reverse searching. But, that’is hardly a limitation for a unit that is so versatile. Maybe the best thing about the unit is it’s price - in the USA it can purchased for $69.99 on average from various retailers. This unit truly kicks ass!

I just burned a DVD-ROM in UDF format using Nero with tons of MP3s on it. The Philips DVP642 played it just fine. The disc was a DVD+RW. If somebody wants a great home unit DVD player for playing MP3s on DVD discs, then get this unit. For around $70.00 (USA) you can’t find a better deal :slight_smile:

I agree the Phillips 642 is great, but what I want is a walkman that will play the mp3 dvds like the Phillips. Do any car cd players play mp3 dvds?

Hello Chugger,

I was posting in response to Halcyon who specified a standalone/home DVD player that had good quality mp3 playback and was a brand name. That’s why I mentioned the Philips DVP642. I don’t know of any car units that can play DVDs with mp3s on them. I would like such a car player myself. Regarding a DVD walkman that can play mp3s on DVDs, I too have been looking for one and have had no luck. I really hope that some company decides to make one. If you or anyone else hears of one, please post about it in here.

Thanks socrates! Now I know of at least one brand name player that is capable of mp3/dvd playback.