Is there any trusted store who ship as "gift"?



Is there any? :iagree:


do you mean a store that will ship with gift wrapping and a card?

if so, try amazon


Nop. I mean declare on custom sticker its a “gift” and not a sale :stuck_out_tongue:


even if you bought a 100 pack of TY DVD-R x4 from the US the total would be a bit over 30 bucks and shipping a package from US to Brazil is 21 bucks sending you right over the $50 point (yo, tell Lula to lighten up on this stuff…) you could go for a 50 pack to stay under but then you would be paying more for shipping than for the media… :doh:

are there no stores in Brazil that sell decent DVD’s?

oh well, i would put up with a lot of crap myself in exchange for all that great music and the hot chicks with the string bikinis… :wink:


The problem is if its from a company to a person you pay tax even if its 1$, but if its from a person to a person sent as “gift” you dont pay tax until 50$ :P…

Theres stores who sell but its around 100$ a pack of 100 lol… ah btw they are not real “stores”, on real stores its even more…


That’s fraud.