Is there any software

is it possible in any form to burn dvds to a dvd- disc using a dvd+ writer.
if not could someone please tell me why.
can software be written to enable this?
thanks for your patience.

No , because this is a ability of the laser and the hardware technology inside your writer. Some writers can be patched with firmware , but i wouldn’t recommend it.

My own Philips DVDRW416K (4x DVD+ writer) has been magically transformed into a Nec 1300A (which standard is a 4x DVD+ and - writer). It can write DVD- now , but verifying fails on every DVD- written.

thanks. is it a new drive or tell me how you changed it please. email for more information. Please note that you will void your warranty instantly when you flash your writer.

First you have to find out what kind of mechanical/hardware manufacturer actually made the writer (in my case NEC1100). Then check for appropriate firmware on the above website.

for complete novices in the crazy world of computers like myself, there is still hope.
Thank you for your patience.
i am slowly making forward steps and only with the knowledge shared by the likes of Mr. Belvedere will i be able to make this damn machine work the way it was supposed to. or atleast educate my self to be able to turn it on and not offend it. lol.