Is there any software to?



Hi all,

Over the past few days i have been having problems with my Pioneer 108 DVD Writer-such as switching my PC off a couple of times, exessively using the processor power for a few seconds when a blank DVD is inserted and now finally when burning data a speeds ranging from 4X to 8X it seems to be burning data incorrectly in that Xbox games and DVD movies are not working :frowning:
And a few days ago they were buring correctly on EXACTLY the same media! including Ridata 8X (with Riteck dye) and also Datawrite Titaniums.

I have checked all internal connections inside my PC and non have worn loose.

So basically what i’m asking is, is there any software tools that i can download to check that my DVD Writer has given up once and for all and if so then i’ll have no other choice but to purchase another :slight_smile:

ThanX in Advance :slight_smile:


likely to be a software/driver issue. only way to be 100% certain is to try the burner in another PC


if you use win xp you could try a system restore back to the day it was working


download dvdinfopro here: it may give you the info you need its a free program. It sounds to me like a glitch I have had sseveral times with my DVD drive. I just use th edevice manager and uninstall the drive then reboot th epc and it recognizes it again and installs the drivers. Give it a try before you pull it out of the system.


Sorry to bring an ‘old thread back to life’, but unfortunately I’m still having problems

Well after a lot of thought and deliberation thanks to a link from cdreaks to a review of the three latest DVD drives i finally opted for the LG 16X Writer as this is supposed to take some of the strain off the processor when burning!

So i went to my local computer store and spent £39 on the LG GSA-4163BA 16x16 DVD±RW Dual Layer ReWriter (Beige) - OEM (CD-027-LG). I was quite pleased with this drive as it seemed to burning DVD’s fine, however
when testing Xbox games they work only as far as a loading screen and NEVER actually played any.

A few days ago i got around to testing a game and bloody thing loaded in so far and said ‘Your disc may be dirty or damaged’.
I have also tried another copy on a friends Xbox and they said they actually got theirs to work but was playing ‘slower than a man with a broken foot’!!

AGAIN i am using RiDisc with Ritek dye so should have no problem rading these in the Xbox. I just put this down to perhaps a batch of ‘dogy disks’.

However, also this morning when i have come to burn a standard DVD using Nero (6.0.13) EVERY single DVD that i have tried (3 RiDisc and 2 Datawrite’s) it burns 1% of the disc and crashes saying ‘illegal disc’.

Now i’m REALLY getting to the end of my teather with my Computer!!

I have checked and double checked the connections in my computer, switched off and rebooted several times!

Has anyone got any idea what could be wrong with my PC?

ThanX in Advance


This should tell you that the previous replies were correct. It is most likely a software problem or you have the drive fitted incorrectly. What IDE channel do you have it on and what other hardware is on the same (and the other) channel? You may find this interesting from the Nero support area.

Try using different software - DVD Shrink would be my choice couple with AnyDVD to remove the protection on the fly.