Is there any software that will burn a title onto a dvd disk?

i was just wondering whether or not there is software that I can buy that will allow me to put a title or picture on a dvd that I have burned.
As an example, my daughter’s wedding, instead of my handwriting on it?

I use either the external BenQ 162I or the Sony 810 UL.

I would appreciate replies, thankyou.
I don’t want to put labels on the discs.

I have googled enough now and believe the answer here is “no”, that lightscribe or a crappy sticky label is the only other option.
Since Lightscribe needs specific media, i did another post on 2 models that I am currently looking at and they are External.
I believe that this thread can be closed unless some member has some suggestion.

This is the other thread:

dvd burner that puts title on burned backup

I suggest you take a look in our CD & DVD Printing and Labeling forum.

The options for making a pretty label on a DVD are:

  • LightScribe
  • Labelflash (not available in North America)
  • Inkjet printable discs
  • Thermal printable discs

The first three options require special media, and the fourth option is best with media that have a plain surface with no label a.k.a. “unbranded” or Thermal Printable.

For LightScribe you need a LightScribe enabled burner and LightScribe media.

For Labelflash you need a Labelflash enabled burner and Labelflash media.

For Inkjet printable discs you need an inkjet printer that can print on DVDs.

For Thermal printable discs you need a thermal printer.

Thx for the info, I have been advised to look at the Epson R2 - 60. But I have never had an Epson in my life, always canono, however the sales guy says that this model is far superior to the canon 6700n which retails for $249 cdn while the Epson sells for reg $140 and on sale now for $119.

Then the other rep suggested using the “thump” method with either it or the Avery which then totally confused me.

I already have 2 pixma canon ip 5000 which will not do the job and now the proposed best job is via a “Epson” printer and so I also will have to go to NCIX here in Canada to get the printable DVD’s, meanwhile I have a vast inventory of R+ media for both my external BenQ 162I and the Sony 810UL which do book management and burn in DVD ROM.

I am really confused here.
One rep says the “thump” method is fine and the other says it simply will cause problems in my standalone player as the label maybe not right on properly???


I have 400+ dvd’s in the inventory for the Sony and BenQ to burn on in DVD ROM which the whole family has been happy with as they all watch them and now I look at the prospect of buying more??

Are there pros and cons of this “thump” title on the dvd??
Are there better ones to look at??
I would appreciate comments, thankyou

I recommend avoiding paper labels on DVDs like the plague. Please have a look at this thread:

Sticky paper labels on DVD+/-R discs: beware!

There are also many other reports of DVDs becong difficult or impossible to read because of paper labels, in addition to what you’ll find in that thread.

i guess common sense will have to prevail here, I went out to NCIX the large computer supplier here in the North west and they were surprised at the problems with the Avery Pro Thumper as they order a lot in for clients.

I explained what I had read in this forum and the Links of many members. They don’t stock items and order them in on customers requests.

Since I have so many unprintable media that i have no problems with in my Benq and Sony Burners and own 2 Canon Pixma 5000 printers; it does not make sense to run out and spend more money to take a pic out of My Pictures to put a label on for the present time.

My os is XP sp2 and I am going to keep using this Toshiba notebook along with my other one until the extended warranty runs out in 2009.
What I am wondering about is whether there is going to be an issue with printers coming out in the future that will operate with Vista only and not my XP os; as by that time I should have gone through my present non printable media.

I would appreciate your comments and thankyou again for pointing me to the Links to read.
It looks like the Sharpie is my only sensible option at this point in time.
Best regards and I look forward again to final comments.

I thought that I would post this. Yesterday I was in the China Town area of the North West and it is a large business area.
I went into a large camera shop there and one of the sales reps advised me that while Epson had the trademark on the printing process for printable media Canon had already developed their own and at that time he was in Hong Kong and there was actually an attachment that was available over there for the Canon ip PIXMA 5000 that facilitated printing onto printable media. He had the part himself and was using it on his Pixma 5000.

He said that he was going to look into the matter for me and see if it is available to Canada since I already have 2 of the Canon 5000’s.

Has anyone heard of this?