Is there any site that has a media code guide with part #'s?

Before one buys a pack of disks (and searches these forums and Afterdawn), is there any revised pdf file or downloadable database that matches manufacturer part and model # with the media code (for both MIJ and MIT).

For example, if I see Best Buy is selling Verbatim’s part #95102, without taking my glasses off to stare at the ad from 1" away to see if it’s 16x disks :eek:, where can I find out if it’s an MCC 004 code?

DVD identifier won’t tell you unless you have a disk in the unit (perhaps their database can be opened in notepad?)

Well, that’s a pretty easy answer, 16x Verbatim is always MCC 004.

But maybe you haven’t heard of ?

Also, I think part numbers are inconsequential for different media codes. I know in every case I’ve seen, the UPC codes certainly don’t indicate one specific media code.

In my experience you are right, but you never know what’s going to happen the next time you buy some.

I also thought that Verbatim 16x DVD-R were always MCC 03RG20, but then I got TYG03 (Taiyo Yuden) instead! See this thread: Verbatim 16x DVD-R Made in Japan TYG03

I love it when Verbatim uses TY, a pleasant surprise. Not so pleasant when they substitute Ritek, as they are doing in Europe. MIJ almost always is an upgrade.

With Ritek they have a new reorder number, a new packaging type and a new name “Pearl White”. Not so with the Taiyo Yuden branded 8x DVD-R (TYG02) and 16x DVD-R (TYG03) which appear identical to MCC 02RG20 and MCC 03RG20 respectively, except for a “Made in Japan” on the packaging.

The TYG02s are an upgrade for most people, but I actually get better burns with MCC 03RG20 than with TYG03 - not that the TYG03 are bad though. See here for scans of Verbatim TYG03 burned in NEC 3500 and NEC 4551.

:disagree: They added Ritek. :wink:

Only the “Pearl White” discs (budget discs) -R 8X are Ritek. No Ritek discs sold in the “Azo +” or “Advanced Azo” series (formerly “DatalifePlus”), these are still (and, let’s hope, for long) MCC or TY.

@the original poster: with Verbatim, the reorder number won’t help you as they don’t change it when they change the MID. :frowning:
Example: reorder #43475 can be either MCC 02RG20 (gets rare as they stopped the production) or TYG02…

TY has never been sold under the Verbatim brand in the US, so I don’t think we have to “worry” about 16x Verbatim being anything but MCC.

I always forget that :doh: :o :doh:

That was the first place I looked but couldn’t find it. Went back and tried several permutations of mcc 004 and finally arrived at this:…004%20

I’m really amazed that Khypermedia also puts out an MCC004!
It looks like there is some good product out of Taiwan, after all.

Provided that they aren’t fakes. :eek:

DVD-identifiers currently identifies the manufacturer based on the MID part of the ADIP data of the disc that is in the drive.
So it needs the disc to identify the manufacturer.
The database links the code back to the original owner of a code.( Who is most time the manufacturer or the technology supplier. Unless the MID is faked offcourse.)
So it doesn’t know what you have untill you put the disc in the drive and let it check.

It’s kind of a pity things are the way they are. It would be nice if there was the DVD/MID equivalent of freedb for CD titles/artists : an online database of MIDs, pictures of the discs, covers/cake boxes, country of manufacture, country of purchase. Make DVD identifier able to submit results to this online database, if the user chooses. Something like adding a “submit info to online database” button which can be used after the user queries the MID of the disc. The whole database can be populated that way, and kept up to date. Also, DVD identifier can get pictures of the discs from the database and other extra information, whenever the user does a MID lookup.

Add a webpage to this for other people to do lookups and you have something quite substantial.

Just a silly idea of mine of course. I’m allowed to dream :wink:

How about if retailers actually printed the media codes in the ads instead of trying to fool us all the time - especially with the rebates on computers and the prices on cell phones (and activation with contracts). Did you ever try to read the print in those ads? You almost need a high powered microscope with a specimen glass holder!

Many times the retailers don’t know what the media codes are so you can’t really blame them. Rima had a ton of trouble when Prodisc switched from S03 to 4 different codes. One of the great people at Rima actually went to the warehouse and grabbed me what he thought was MCC and it had changed again.

This is why I avoid anything but Verbatim +R and TY +R. So far, you always get what your expect.

There have been a few attempts to track codes to media…,357.0.php

There was also a list or two (I remember dowloading a couple in different sort orders) on this forum.

Great idea. But it’s not that easy.
While it will give the community some advantages it will give a mayor disadvantage because having all info directly available will make it easy to make a perfect fake.
Seeing how faking has improved over a half year. (From compatabiliy issues to actually faking the stuff as close as possible ) I think the compannies have a fair point here.

At least the retailers can be told when they’re ordering wholesale merchandise what media code “it’s supposed to be” so that they can enter it into their inventory with that description and advertise it that way for the techies.

One day, a retail exec is going to realize that to entice purchasers into the store, you have to give the consumer as much info as he can get on the internet. Sometimes I think the only “landlocked” shoppers left are those who can’t surf the web with any kind of speed, or have phobias about giving out personal info via secure HTML.

I wouldn’t hold my breath. Most burners have no idea what a media ID even is, much less what scanning can tell. They still buy based on review from places like Tomshardware where the primary criteria is burn speed. Be glad we all found CDSpeed.