Is there any (significant) difference between LiteOn SHW-160P6S-04 and -05 model?

Is there any real difference between the SHW-160P6S-04 and SHW-160P6S-05 model?

Interested primarily in dvd rip ability and dvd burning quality?

same hardware, price may vary.

04 retail is currently available at Newegg, while the OEM 05 is out of stock.

With stock firmware, would they be indistinguishable in terms of dvd rip speed / dvd read ability, and dvd burn quality?

And are both supported in the forums with modded firmware?

And is DVD rip speed limited to 8x with all stock LiteOn firmware?

yep. just marketing

weird thing is that my 165h6s shows the extra 05 on the drive itself