Is there any reliable replacer for iTunes?

One of my kids got a nano 8GB and I´m thinking of replacing iTunes if there are any good possibilities? :wink:

Heres what I´looking for:
-I would really like to update the iPod fw when needed,
-I would like to load music/books into the iPod (as now through iTunes)
-If she has songs,books etc on her Ipod (uploaded at her school pc)and want to save it on her pc at home ,are ther any good possibility?

All music/books etc etc of course her own but unfortunatly at different places and it would be more practical to just do as above.

Is there any (free??) program that does the above all-in-one or do You use/recommend several??

Yes,I´m searching for iPod/iPod replacer etc while waiting for answers…

Thanks in advance.


My kids use WinAmp to synch and update their iPods. I have a normal MP3 player and haven’t had to deal with iTunes so don’t know if WinAmp can do all that iTunes can.

Here’s a nice blog that compares several free alternatives:

Thanks a million guy´s!!:bow:

Hey gene, if you try any of those pieces of software, post back and tell us how they work.
I like the look of Poddox initially.

@imkidd57 - good link, thanks :iagree: :flower:

Sure will do definitly!Prb now is getting hands on her ipod and have it fullcharged and her not using at the same time…

I know how you feel. I bought myself an iPod for all the travelling I’m doing, and husband has since taken ownership of it.
I only see it when he wants me to add some more music to it :rolleyes: :bigsmile:

Very helpful . . . thanks! :clap:

Did you try any of these progs?And how did they work?

/g_s :bigsmile: