Is there any reason you HAVE to reboot after flashing?

Just wondering if it’s really needed that’s all.

no, you don’t need to. i’ve never rebooted and there are no problems.

reboot to be able to use the burner no, but if you don’t shutdown windows and use hibernate always (like me), then next time windows load from the hibernate file, DMA settings will be set to PIO mode. A reboot (or normal shutdown) will make windows redetect the drive (if you change model by firmware (1633->1653 for ex).

Erm, who said that you “HAVE to” reboot? Well, LiteOn does, but LiteOn also says that you can’t downgrade your firmware, so don’t listen to them. I’ve never told people to reboot after a flash, and most of the people on the forum never tell others to reboot after a flash.

I agree with mcbyte. If you use hibernate, it is very important to reboot, after a firmware flash of a “different version”. If you don’t then the drive will be set to PIO mode when you return from hibernate and the only way to return to UDMA is to delete the IDE driver and rescan ;), or reboot your system. If the flash is just a different patched version (i.e. read speed, strategy change…) of the same firmware version, then the reboot is not required.

Cool thanks :slight_smile:

I never reboot as I never hibernate my computer :slight_smile: