Is there any reason to keep using deUHD now that MakeMKV works?


Skimming the UHD Title Support list, MakeMKV seems to have just as many (if not more) supported titles than deUHD does, and more titles are added daily (versus weekly with deUHD, and only maybe ~10-15 a week).

If we aren’t there already, it seems like deUHD is or soon will become obsolete. It’s too bad for early adopters like me that paid through the nose for the app and a certified UHD drive, but they did at least get the ball rolling.

But because they’ve nickel-and-dimed customers (first by arbitrarily limiting to 2 discs per day and not originally making that clear on the website) and then introducing the new “Pro” tier with 6 discs a day and not upgrading early adopters to the new tier, I say good riddance to them. Ripping also takes forever with deUHD, it’s much faster and more reliable with good ol’ MakeMKV—and as many rips a day as you want. For free.



Not really, unless you meet very specific criteria.

  • You must have an official drive. (Who knows how long DeUHD will continue to be the only game in town, though.)
  • You just can’t wait for one of the very few titles DeUHD supports that MakeMKV doesn’t support yet.
  • You’re flat broke and simply can’t afford another $50 for a MakeMKV license (or whatever for whoever comes along down the road with their own solution).

That’s about it, really.


I keep both on my system and if a 3th party releases an alternative with a different ripping method,I’ll probably buy it 2 for the sake of having as much as possible options to rip MY discs…:bigsmile:


I too leave DeUHD installed on my system, but with that said I have not used it in a couple weeks thanks to Mike’s hard work getting MakeMKV up to speed. Not sure how much longer it will continue reside though as I really only have it on just in case someone needs me to test something. I don’t foresee using it to rip again unless something tragic happens to Mike…


It’s also possible that DeUHD and MakeMKV trade places with offering support for some new releases…


Potentially, but really the only difference should come down to time to support. Maybe I am an edge case, but Mike has provided keys to my dumps within two days of submission. I have yet to see Arusoft come anywhere near that.


I think the big advantage MakeMKV has (apart from being a well-known and trusted app) is that the codes are being crowdsourced. Mike at MakeMKV simply asks users to provide dumps via an email address to any title that comes up as unsupported, and he seems to add them quickly to the supported list.

deUHD, on the other hand, has always been very closed and secretive about how their process works, and it’s a real mystery which titles may come out each week. Since they don’t appear to solicit input from their userbase, they are naturally going to fall behind into becoming obsolete.

And, unfortunately, their questionable support for the community through dishonorable business practices (limiting to 2 discs a day and not upgrading early adopters to their Pro tier) makes it easy for me to stop using their software, and recommend to new users not to bother with it, now that there’s a strong alternative with MakeMKV. They’ve already got my money, but it doesn’t mean they’re going to get a lot more—especially with their outrageously high price. They could charge whatever they wanted being the first game in town, but now that there’s a virtually-free alternative, they’re going to have to seriously rethink their offering if they want to stay in the market.

I use MakeMKV on my Mac, and still have deUHD on my Windows laptop, but like others, I haven’t even opened it in the weeks since MakeMKV support became active.


Same here. I provided a dump for Birth of a Nation and maybe it was a coincidence, but it was either in the next day’s code file or the day after at most.


I’ve got titles only DeUHD supports. Haven’t seen anything from Mike yet on them.
I paid for DeUHD, it’s staying on my system.


At the end of the day, some people will keep it around for various reasons. I still download the latest version every week but I haven’t updated in ages. I think DeUHD will be fully dead and buried once there’s a solution that’s reasonably simple, doesn’t require intervention (or at least automates it, like auto-uploading dumps and getting the keys back 5 min. later), and works on at least some mix of official and friendly drives, preferably permanently and preferably all drives. Until then, DeUHD will have at least a couple of boxes checked off in the eyes of some users, especially those who shelled out the big bucks.


Deuhd is going to become obsolete very quickly with their very high prices and crazy sales twists and turns I have backed up now my complete 4K collection with MakeMKV I didn’t have to shell out a penny but I bought a license for $50.00 that was the least I could do and Mike is turning out new titles pretty much daily or different versions of the same movie which is more than I can say for Deuhd.

As with all software it is always up to the buyer which works best for them.


That is because Arusoft can’t or doesn’t have the time to turn out new releases quickly Mike can get them done and very quickly.


I think the difference in method absolutely plays a big part in the speed difference. At this point, I would argue Mike’s method appears superior.


I would also much faster I did try out Deuhds foolish trial and it is no where as fast as MakeMKV IMO.


I hope both DeUHD and MakeMKV do well (I have licences for both). I’m also keen that RedFox gets in on the act (also have a licence), and others. The more the merrier. Remember when Slysoft went down? We need options as who knows what will happen.

Edit - Thinking about it, I’d even pay a premium to the Studios if they would let me rip my discs so I can play them as I want! A whole new revenue stream for them if they would open their eyes to why we rip in the first place (and it has 0 to do with piracy).


MakeMKV Just released more Movies supported 2-3-18