Is there any REAL Hardware level CD/DVD troubleshooting software?

Is there any software out there that troubleshoots at the hardware level, CD/DVDs??? I have ostensibly search for solutions to my problems (on 3 computers) where I actually copy, author or rip movies, or programs and bingo, the CD or DVD does not recognize it later!

I tried so many registry fix programs that turn out to fix something and make things worse! I cannot fathom why there is not a software specifically designed to check CD/DVD configurations and look for trouble.

Other than simply (if the computer recognizes it) find out what your capabilities are of of CD Rom/DVD or the like. Don’t misunderstand me, I have followed soo many threads about this issue and I have yet to find a solution.

I tried reinstalling the drivers, removing the CD/DVD from the hardware manager, (like I said, wasted my time using Registry fixer programs) and Microsoft do nothing website.

I would certainly appreciate if you know of any software specifically design to troubleshoot CD/DV Roms/players.

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@ ercarrera,

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Unless you have a grievous hardware malfunction I doubt that your unspecified CD/DVD problem is actually a Hardware problem.

Most CD/DVD problems are Media related problems and/or Software user error problems. But unfortunately you have been very vague and have not actually been specific in describing your problem in detail for Forum Members to hazard a guess as to what your “the CD or DVD does not recognize it later” problem could be. Take the time and effort to explain in specific full detail as to exactly what your “the CD or DVD does not recognize it later” problem actually is and then Forum Members will be able to provide meaningful assistance to you. Also Provide the Name/Model Number of your DVD Burner, The Media MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) of the CD/DVD Media you are using, and the CD/DVD Software programs you are using.

Both the N e r o CD-DVD Speed ( and/or DVDInfo ( diagnostic software programs should be useful analyzing problems with CD/DVD Burned Media Disc.