Is there any protection on NOLF2's CD#2?

When I first checked it with ClonyXXL v2.0.1.3a it said Securom New and gave it 10 skulls.

But when I used the BWA physical characteristic dumper I didn’t get any ‘square’ sections on the curve characteristic of Securom New protections. Is ClonyXXL just telling me its Securom New because I gave it the directory the game is installed to?

Is CD #2 just a data CD for installation? I’ve tried to run it with the original CD #2 but it tells me to insert CD #1. If it is just a data CD for installation while the Play CD is CD #1 - makes sense because each protected CD costs the company money in royalties to the copy protection developer. I have not been able to find out first hand for myself about the use of CD #2 because of:this. Once I get a new video card or computer altogether, I’d be able to find out. But in the meantime I have a copy protection itch I want to scratch…:wink:

belvedere has a list of protected games in his sig. plz download the excel file and check for yourself? sorry that im not much help with clony - never been a fan.