Is there any possible way to re-use closed CD-R

I have 5 closed cds each with only 2.3MB of used space out of 700MB total space, yes I know, what a waste. I really don’t want to just throw them away, is there any way possible that I could write more stuff on them?

I heard of this software called Burn-Again, does it work?

not sure about burn-again but why would you want to cds are so cheap why not just use new ones. It might seem like a waste to you but your time should be worth more than the cost to replace them.

samlar is right; at 10-20p per disk why waste your time?

I store any redundant disks in the empty spindle tubs that they came in, in the hope that I might find a use for them in the future: arts and crafts, wind chimes?? Worst case scenario, I’ll just throw them away at some point. Of course any with sensitive data are shredded.




As camellote said, the answer is no. You can not burn more data, erase etc… a CD-R. These are write once discs. If they were CD-RW then you might have some options.


only possible if the burn were started in multisession mode.