Is there any new Plex Premium CD-r firmware out there?

And if so then how is it? And if not then why not? :slight_smile:

Here’s the very short reply I got from Plextor:

“As we test new media and new technologies of a firmware is needed we
will release one if not then we will not.” -Plextor Technical Support

I highly doubt they’ll update it. I’m glad I payed $100 for this drive! :Z

I e-mailed them again asking: “Thanks for your reply. However, wouldn’t a firware update be needed because of all the frequent PlexTools Professional updates?”

Their response, which was in red: NO. When replying to technical support, please do not erase the previous messages from your emails. This will help us to stay up to date on everything you have done beforehand.**

The funny thing is, I didn’t erase my previous message when replying though. What an a******. :slight_smile:

And i payed $240! It doesn’t burn CD-RW anymore… :a

CD-RW drives are out of date, there is no new media for it to support, and the drive has been perfected since the original 1.0 firmware, there is, no reason for a new firmware.

Hi @all,

some time ago Plextor released a new firmware for an older burner (the PX-W4012TA, IIRC), so I am sure that a new firmware will be released for the Premium too, if needed.

In my opinion, the Plextor Premium is one of the best writers that Plextor ever made: I have an external USB2 model, with hardware revision 00 (TLA00xx): never had any problem, ripped hundreds and hundreds of CDs, burned the same. If you bought it, it was a wise move! :slight_smile:



As said in this thread, Plextor will only release new firmwares if they are needed. If you have a media problem with your Premium then contact them. If enough people report problems with certain media they will update the firmware of the drive to support this media.