Is there any mpeg2 recording software out there?

I’m using a WIN ME computer which is limiting me to keeping my files down below 4GB (fat 32) (1.7 gig P4 processor with 640 MB Ram).

All my video and audio connections are working perfectly, but all the software I find on the internet records in an avi first, which limits me to about 12 minutes of continuous recording. I’m inputting audio through a M-Audio Delta 66 soundcard, and video through a Belkin USB VideoBus II RCA to USB Cable plug converter.

I know I’ll have to upgrade eventually as Ulead Studio and Pinnacle Video all require Win XP. Using Nero Vision Express is only useful for driving my insanity into the ground, as the program refuses to recognise my M-Audio soundcard.

Just want to record directly in mpeg 1-2, then burn straight to DVD, using my Sony DRX 800U burner.

MainConcept Mpeg Encoder 1.4.2 has a capture tool that will let you do what you want. Fairly expensive software at $149, and I’m not sure it would recognize your current hardware correctly. There is a limited function demo version available to see if it would work for you.

A slightly less expensive option would be a Hauppage PVR 250 capture card, with its own software bundle. Compatible with ME.

And what you should really be looking into would be a copy of XP Home (OEM $92 at Newegg assuming you’re in the US) and the Hauppage PVR 150 pci card ($95 with shipping). Really, your first priority should be getting far, far away from ME and the 4gb limits on file size.

Hi Galaxy,

I’ve been in your shoes a while ago - The best advice I can give you is to get Windows XP. If you feel comfortable with ME, you can dual boot. Trust me, having used Windows ME extensively, I must say I am extremely pleased with XP and wondered how I did without it. It is much more stable and much better for video applications. When working with editing and video applications i would highly recommend NTFS. FAT32 limits file sizes to 4GB.

As to recording directly to MPEG, up until now, it was said that software methods provided the best quality with their multipass encoding. In my opinion one of the best software MPEG encoders out there (and expensive ones) are in the following order:

  • Heuris MPEG Pro
  • Canopus ProCoder 2

Main concept MPEG is not as good IMO, noisier than most other codecs I’ve tried.

In terms of hardware captures, the best product out there in my opinion is the ADS Instant DVD 2.0 - It uses a high quality MPEG encoder that until now would cost thousands of dollars and provides the best quality captures I have ever seen… It captures straight to MPEG-1, MPEG-2, no more playing with AVI files and audio/video stays in sync. It also supports capturing straight to DivX (using software). The MPEG-1/2 and audio is captured in hardware. Product works with USB.

Thanks everyone for your advice, yeah, definitely looking at upgrading both my puter and op-system. I’ve just got WINDVD 7.0 (intervideo) working a few hours ago, and doing exactly what I want it to do, (taping shows of tv), but performance is poor. Burned a few discs, and some of those football players seem to be missing a few passes, (jerkey video, like mpeg 2 encoder is not working fast enough on my puter), though min specs did say 1.4 gig, as I’ve got 1.7 {hmm, strange :frowning: } I’ll give the demo of Heuris MPEG Pro a go.

Just a few more questions though,

Does the interlace function smooth the motion of video?

I do have XP sitting in a draw, still in it’s wrapper. (just can’t seem to find the time to clean computer and install) I can put it on my second hard-drive, without effecting my first?

Any software out there to chop ads out of shows? Just want to trim, do some fades and tidy up. I can do this in vagas, but it takes about 10 hours for a render.

win me on a p4? OMG.

What SOURCE do you wanna record from?

My source is a LG Television-video unit two in one. The unit has the standard red white and yellow plugs at the back. I’ve taken the red and white into my M-audio, and then the yellow into a cable converter, which converts the single yellow rca, into a USB1.1 plug.

You can try use SnappySoft from
Capture Your Clips in MPEG-2 Format

  1. Before recording, select the DVD template from the Default Templates in the Capture Panel. The DVD template has predefined video bit rate that is appropriate for DVD.

2.Capture all of the clips that you would like to use for your DVD.

Step 2: Create Your DVD

1.To burn a DVD, you will need DVD authoring software and a DVD burner

Try mpag to dvd ( avi pro ) do’s this or try divx converter you can get this for free of the net.

USB1.1 for mpeg2?? Oh well…

Mainconcept Encoder 1.5 works better than 1.4.2 for me. I could not capture with 1.4.2 but with version 1.5 it works. Great quality but lack of scheduling options. I have a Terratec Cinergy 400 TV card.