Is there any good media for the SOHW1673S?

Can anyone tell me any media that is compatible with the lite-on SOHW1673S, and give good burns at 8x or higher, or atleast at 6x? And if so where can I purchase it. Thank you very much for the help.


I am having good results with Verbatim 16X (MCC004) from (although they are being totally worthless in helping resolve a significant rebate from the last 100 I bought, which I will consider next time I am in need) but these are now on the shelf at BestBuy and Circuit City which will price match +10% the current sale at Micro Center, something like $11.99/25. If your’e not in the US, good luck.

Thanks alot for the help guys. I’m new to interpreting the diagrams but I’ll try.

read the “Changing DVD+/-R write strategies” thread. Gives much more insight on how to read PI/PIF scans. Generally PI>280 & PIF>4 for sustained periods is considered a good burn, although I have found that PI<100 will begin to cause skipping/freezing problems in el cheapo DVD standalone players.

Thanks “The_Black_Wizard” for all those excellent strategy swapping results. I’ve move them to the [thread=100190]Changing DVD±R write strategies (results thread)[/thread] so everyone can see them when looking for better strategies for there media ;).

I hope that okay jaycute. At this stage I think you would be better off been told what media works well, without a strategy swap :).

The_Black_Wizard, I had to delete this post because the thread was a results only thread, so I’ll answer it here:

Thanks for your kind words :). I think you are doing very well and we appreciate you sharing the results with us. I know this takes lots of time and media to do. Your results look very promising. Make sure as a last test you do a Nero CD-DVD Speed transfer rate test with your drives read speed set to 12x or 16x. If you get a smooth CAV curve then your burn is indeed a good one.

The last time I was in Australia was a couple of years ago when I was on a business trip. Most of my vacations are spent skiing or in Fiji :).

CodeKing, will do Nero CD/DVD speed test and post in “Changing DVD+/=R write strategies”. Also, should I use the same burner as I wrote with to do the Nero test or should it be in another burner or DVD-ROM?

Using the same burner is fine but it can be done in a 12x/16x DVD-ROM drive as well.

Thanks. SOHD-167T v9S19@16xR_16xRW_10xDVD9(thanks to you :bow: :bow: :bow: ). Will start now.

Didn’t mean to hijack the thread, but I have got some MCC003 dvd+r’s.

I didn’t realise that they were poor disks until I started reading this forum.

Since I have about 200 of them I just wondered if anyone knows if there is a better writing strategy than the default one in the JS07 firmware.

Any help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

MCC003(Verbatim) ARE very good quality discs :iagree: . I used the MCC003 strategy to REPLACE CMC MAG E01 in 1673S.JS05

Here are scans from 8x burns on MCC003 media using default JS07 firmware.

Unsure as to how good these are.