Is there any free software that will split movies onto 2 discs?

I have a few movies that are just above 50% compression if I use DVD Shrink so I would rather split them onto 2 discs.

I know Clone DVD will do it, but are there any free programs like shrink that will do the job and a split a movie for me?

You can also do what you want with DVD Shrink itself. :wink:
Make the first disc XX amount of chapters, then the second disc the rest of the chapters and the extras. This is done by using re-author mode and using the start/end function. :smiley:

I’ve never used the re-author mode, looking into it though it looks like you lose the menus, so for the extras of movies i imagine they are quite difficult to find.

What programs are there that keep everything?

An old free version of DVDFab will also split.