Is there any free software that will burn CD to CD?



Just got my DVD burner. I am using free DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink for all my DVD burning.

My problem is this. Before I got this burner, I had a Lite-on CD burner with the included Nero CD burning software that came with it. When I got my DVD burner (not Lite-on), I took the Lite-on CD burner out. Later when I tried to open Nero to burn a CD, it would not longer work saying the burner it came with was no longer present. Forgot all about that.

Well since I have had such good experience with the free DVD burning, I now don’t want to buy a CD burning software. Is there anything free out there that will burn CD’s, specifically CD to CD?


BurnAtOnce should work fine. Try this link:


That one won’t burn CD to CD. So far I have not seen any free ones that would do that.


It can make an image and burn it back, that’s the preferred method anyway.


Of course it will. :rolleyes:

Just use the copy on the fly option under the Read/Copy menu item. :iagree: :slight_smile:


Windows Explorer in XP will copy the contents of a CD to a CD and burn it w/o other software.


Don’t know where your from, but an OEM copy of Nero doesn’t cost a lot, £4 approx or i’ve seen for free in US, just P&P



I think ‘Disc Master 2’ will do this. You can get it free (promotional version) from:

From there You can find link to ‘Media One SE Download Now Free’ then just download the ‘package 2’ which contains ‘Disc Master Gold’ and install it. You have to register software before using it.

There is a ‘Disc Copy’ function in ‘Disc Master’ that can copy straight from a device to another.


That MediaOne one has 14 uses before being required to buy it.

That Nero Oem 6.6 is a pretty good deal. I just bought it. Only cost was the shipping of $4.99. Not too shabby (I saw that Oem on another site for like $39.95). Thanks for the link.


No, it is not. Instead of buying you are required to register it.


NP, i saw it in another post a few months back & thought it was a good deal.

Happy burning :wink: