Is there any firmware that removes the riplock on a model 708A?

Thanks for your help on this guys.

A search yielded no discussion of this forum about removing the riplock on a Plextor model 708A or 712A. I would like my Plextor to read at 12 speed like my flashed NEC 2510A. Are there any such hacked firmwares that exist? Where would one start to look to find these if they do exist?

Much appreciate the help!
You’ll find a firmware for the plextor 708a at that site. As for the riplock speed the only way is to do the press the eject button for so many seconds then it can rip faster than 2x speed. The instruction for this is in the plextor manual. I would suggest you use a DVD-ROM for ripping dvds. I only use my Plextor 708a for burning and my toshiba dvdrom’s for ripping. :slight_smile:

Thanks DVD Addict. I’ll check out the firmware link.

Side note: I’d read on the 321 studios forum (which is now gone) that some testing was done by the technicians regarding the Read Only drive vs a Read/Write drive for ripping. It was determined that the RW drive had better optical quality and yeilded better image reproduction than the ROM-RW transfer method. It was suggested that users use their RW drive for ripping and writing for optimum performance. I have no opinion on this personally, just going by what those technicians were saying. Any thoughts on this?

Press Eject button for 3 seconds until the light flashes green three times. Insert the DVD and it reads at full speed.

If you install Plextools Pro you can enable Speed Read DVD or if you use AnyDVD you can enable Drive Speed control to Fast & Noisy or DVD Decrypter can also set Speed Read for the Plex.