Is there any firmware for LiteOn Combo SOHC 5232K?



[B]Hi all,

I just bought LiteOn Combo drive SOHC 5232K, and I will use it to ripping movies and testing dvd’s!
I want any firmware can help me to do this, I have NK07 now.

Thank you
Doctor Aziz[/B]



((Problem Report))
Thank you code65536, I will try to open it @ another time.
Doctor Aziz


[B]Thank you I just open it,
Which one I should be use:
• NK07/NK0A/NK0E/NK0G - patched - faster DVD R/RW reading (old)
• NK0H - patched - faster DVD R/RW/RDL reading

Is the ( NK0H ) the new one?
How I can update the firmware?

Thank you
Doctor Aziz[/B]


I’m sorry, I just found the answers of all my questions.
Thank you very much
Doctor Aziz


Sorry i’m noob in this, could you pls tell me what should i install from the link given by code65536?
I have nk07 i think…


Nk0J is the newest one


You should update to the latest firmware, as indicated by the last entry. Or you can download it from LiteOn’s site.


k, I upgraded the firmware from NK07 to NK0j

If I upgrade firmware, my combo will gain faster reading speads? Or what’s the advantage? sry 4 s2pid questions :slight_smile: