Is there any Fast Copy Software?

I produce my own videos for our school and burn between 12 and 20 copies of each, each month.

Most copy programs take a long time because they only seem to let you do one copy at a time and copy the files to the hard drive each time.

Is there a simple DVD bit for bit copy program that would allow me to enter the number of copies I need and just reload the destination drive?

I have a Pioneer DVD-R E: drive and a Sony DVD ±R F:drive

I use an old Adaptec program for doing the audio CD’s that works pretty fast and would like to do the same thing for DVD’s
Thanks to any and all for your help!

never used adaptec so hope this will help you

this is according to Nero Burning Rom, never used adaptec maybe this can help you or just install it.

if you want to duplicate an existing disc (copy disc) then dont select on the fly so the computer will make an image of the disc and chose the amount of discs you want then press start burning which will copy (create image) then insert the blank discs one after another.

if from computer then before you start burning chose the amount of copies you want to make.

hope it will help you, if not hope somebody who knows adaptec will help you

I used NERO today and got ten copies done during the football game. It works very well. I appreciate the tip. Happy Thanksgiving.