Is there any error checking software for 107D/A07?

Hi guys,

I just got a Pioneer DVR-A07XL and a pack of dvd-r’s. They’re Prodisc s03 and I’d like to see what kind of error rates I’m getting on them for reference. Problem is, I don’t have a Lite-on drive so I can’t use KProbe. So what other software out there can do the PI/PO error checking that would actually work with a 107/A07 drive? There’s gotta be something, right?

And any experience with 4x ProdiscS03’s? I’m not into hacked firmawares or anything, but if anyone has some Kprobe scans or links for the prodisc media I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

i’ve been using the 4x ProdiscS03 for a few months, and burning them at 8x with great results.

nope, nothing yet.