Is there any chance for a "Quality Patched" Firmware for 16XXS drives?

Any updates, c0deking? Really looking forward to this release. What my drive needs most right now isn’t speed but quality burns.

Also if/when you get around to doing this could you also provide a package with the DRU-710A as the drive name, like you did a week ago? I need that for Nero to work, thanks :bow:

:iagree: quality is more important than speed.

I’m looking forward to a better f/w release too, I don’t care if Liteon beats the codekings to it sooner or later we need decent f/w for higher speeds.

In the meantime see below, after loads of testing and trials under BSOS and BS41 I have found the perfect media and f/w combination for a genuine 1633s

For these tests, I have 2 systems and each has a 1633s drive installed, besides the same drive each system has different hardware. 3 scans of each media were scanned under each system for both f/w so each media has had 6 scans under each f/w to compare. Results were found to be similar on each system.

BSOS +Verbatim MCC01RG20 dvd-r 4x certified burned @4x = ()
BS41 +Verbatim MCC01RG20 dvd-r 4x certified burned @4x = (****)
BSOS +Verbatim MCC002 dvd+r 4x certified burned @4x = (
BS41 +Verbatim MCC002 dvd+r 4x certified burned @4x = ()
BSOS +Verbatim MCC003 dvd+r 8x certified burned @8x = (
BS41 +Verbatim MCC003 dvd+r 8x certified burned @8x = ()
BSOS +Verbatim MCC004 dvd+r 16x certified burned @16x = (
BS41 +Verbatim MCC004 dvd+r 16x certified burned @16x = (

Scan quality using k-probe2 (scale = poor, fair, good, excellent, perfect)

As you will see the BSOS seems the best f/w for a genuine 1633S.

My favourate media for burn quality is the Verbatim MCC002. But the dvd-r MCC01RG20 give them a run for the money. I’ve tested other media but they were either expensive, or low quality. Unfortunately theres not a great range on the local market available, Maxwells and TDK’s whilst available are much more expensive, the Maxwells are only 2.4x RICOHJPNW01, but produced excellent burns with BSOS, TDK’s are 4x CMC dvd+r sorry I cant remember which media code, they produced excellent burns under BSOK but were expensive, @ £4.99 for 3 in dvd cases bought from Trago Mills or pastel coloured 4x Taiyo Yunduns - give perfect burns, but expensive @ £1.99 each sold individually in slim jewel cases, again from Trago Mills. Although “MrData” brand is available from the ASDA-Walmart I’ve not yet tried these I fear low quality - these are made in india so are probably boer india company, and they’re not exactly cheap @ £3.99 for 5 in cd jewel cases (which I replace with dvd cases anyway)

For those in the UK Both these media can be bought locally in Devon/Cornwall UK from Trago Mills in spindles of 25 @ £9.99 = 40p each.

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