Is there any CD or DVD drive able to read it ALL?

Hello, I’m new to the forum.
The question that brings me here is the following:
I have a couple CD’s in perfect state but unreadable by my CD unit. I’ve been looking for this kind of CD drive, I think I’ve heard of it but it’s hard to google search it because the “master cd drive” terms are being used, you know, for other reasons…
So, the thing is, is there any CD or DVD unit with which I can read any CD DVD, no matter the region code or the low level format it has? For example, for reading XBOX DVD’s, Wii DVD’s, no matter the region they come from. I have to say at this point that these are only examples; I don’t intend to copy or distribute any game or make any piracy; the only goal on this is to somehow read (or raw read) a couple unreadable -but in perfect state- disks.

Thank you very much in advance,


Hi and Welcome!

unfortunately, the perfect -can-read-all-discs drive does not exist. Assuming the format of these discs are compatible with end user computer systems, you might try several different units.

On the other hand, if your discs are really in physically perfect condition, then any non-defective drive should be able to handle these discs. Okay, you can’t read a DVD with a plain CD drive, but this should be obvious.