Is there any burner(dvd or cdr) that will backup latest securom/safedisc

…without autoplay? Preferably with bw or clone cd or any other software?

At this moment not. Your best chance is to buy a plexwriter 8/20 for making 1:1 copies of safedisk 3.x+ and a plexwriter premium for copies 1:1 of securom v5+ on cd.

I do have an old SCSI PlexWriter 8/20 in my mothers machine … :confused: :confused: :confused:
(Is that the Plextor You mean ???)

But I thought that this combination below was enough to handle the newest securom/safedisc ?

Plextor PremiumUSB & Plextor 712USB (what about LG GSA-4040B ?) .

Nero6Ultimate , “Clone-Any-CDVD” & VSO-software (all w. licenses) and EAC (free) .

+ of course A-Ray Scanner , ClonyXXL2016 & ProtectionIDv5.0FinalB .

(((Relevant SysSpecs : ASUS P4C800-E-DeLuxe , 2,4GHzP4800 , 2048 MB Corsair PC3200 , 2x160GB Maxtor SATA 8MB , ASUS DVD616E , Antec 380 Watt
Relevant OS-specs : WinXP Pro SP2 - NTFS)))

yes, the old Plextor 8/20 scsi is very good for Safedisc (backups are not perfect but run on a lot of devices),. They are the best copies you can do nowadays. :slight_smile:

I don’t have a problem backing up Safedisc 3+ (Doom 3 + Far Cry, etc) on a Plex premium. The only problem is, I need Alc 120 to do it correctly. Using Alc 120, the backups play just fine in Toshiba drives, Sony drives, whatever. I wish Blindwrite had this capability too, or at least as good.

This brings me to SecureROM - I need Blindwrite to do SecureROM correctly. So this requires me to maintain 2 versions of programs to make backups of current software protections.

Will Blindwrite be as good as Alc 120 in the future for SafeDISC?

Hi , I backed up (SecureRom 4.84) Jurassic Park (OG) with Premium (FW1.05) AND BlindWrite as well as Civ3Conquests , but I need PowerStrip in the tray for JPOG and CloneCD’s “hide cdr-media” for playing Civ3Conuest …

And here is the funny part :

I backed up Simcity4DeLuxe with Premium & BlindWrite too - but I don’t need to put PowerStrip in tray or Hide CDR-media on for playíng the game … and as we all know Simcity4DeLuxe is a SafeDisc 2.90 game !!!

They are the best copies you can do nowadays.

Why use old 8/20 SCSI Plextors ?

OOOPPSS !!! Just read that we have passed SafeDisc 3.XX …
Which games has SD 3.XX (and don’t give me all the bang-bang-ones like Doom & Farcry etc. !) ,
especially any strategy games - whether TBS or RTS like Civs or Ages ?

I have had a lot of sucess with my LTR 52327s burner. I have managed to burn Doom 3, Far Cry (had a lot of issues with Far Cry) and Dawn of War. (First two are SafeDisk 3.2o.x and the other is securom 5.x. I beat Securom with Alcohol using blacklists twinpeak (available at and i used a combination of blindewrite and alcohol for the other two.
NOTE: To get Far Cry backup to play, i ended up switch outmy burner completely, and putting in a LiteOn DVD rom drive, wierd huh ?? :iagree: