Is there any blank disk shops in manchester

Need some disks asap?

I’m sure there’s Maplin, PC World or Argos in Manchester :wink:
If you want to buy something special though, you should order online. :slight_smile:

Yep, agree with Evilboy - there may also be Curry’s or Staples up there.

If you can order online in the future though, I recommend :slight_smile:

Edit: there’s also Asda, they sell blank discs (from there, the best is Sony), and IIRC the’s a Partners store in the Arndale I think.

Cheers, but i was thinking more of a computer or blank dsk store. Dont fancy paying 20 odd qud for 5 disks from currys !

Hehe, try Asda. £3.97 down here in Bristol for a 5 pack of Maxell 16x +Rs (RICOHJPN R03).

And if price is a concern, don’t try Maplin’s ;)…as mentioned, PC World and Staples often do good deals.